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Here are some unexpectedly beautiful things:

1. Bird flight paths (via FlowingData):

2. Poetic gems buried among the illiterate rubbish that fills youtube comment threads.

3. Bento-box art of a used-car lot (from this post, which contains many more conventionally cute lunch artworks). used car bento

Also, here are some more conventionally adorable things:

1. A puppy chasing her leash

2. A giant Swedish ice hedgehog icehedgehog

Check this out

I love unlikely animal friends, but especially these ones from The Onion. These animals who are not friends and have never met are also cute.

An immigration form for entering the US from outer space.

Here’s a heartwarming story about a man who’s made friends with his local Applebee’s on facebook.

Shouldn’t Cerebral Sentimental Girl Power Mockumentaries Based on Children’s Books About Horses exist?