Daily Photo: Hawaii Week Day Six

Kilauea crater

On our last evening in Hawaii, we drove a long way around Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park to the coast of the Big Island where you were supposedly able to see the lava flow at night. Sadly, it was so far away that all we could see was some small, red glowing dots. After we drove all the way back to where we were staying near the national park, I wanted to try at least seeing the crater in the park. I wasn’t expecting it to be that exciting, so Jeremy decided to stay behind.

As you can see (although the photo doesn’t do it justice), it turned out to be pretty awesome to see the glow of the magma in the crater, especially with so many stars visible. I took some photos and went back, thinking we could both drive back to see it together, but in a second sad twist for the night, the car was too low on petrol to make a second trip.