Our catalogue of the regular features of Beckie and Jeremy Take on the World! With the exception of Beckie’s daily photo, the term “regular” here is used very loosely.

Beckie’s photos – In Jeremy’s opinion, Beckie takes too many great photos for them to just stay on her laptop, and there are only so many we can put on the walls back home. So she shares a photo every day here from some previous adventure. She may also have other photo specials. [Special note: Besides Beckie’s photos posts, you may notice a number of other photos that appear elsewhere which aren’t very good. These were taken by Jeremy.]

42-word book reviews – Why 42 words? 42 is one of Beckie’s two lucky numbers, and an 11-word book review would be just too short. The idea is that 42 words is enough to say something about our reaction to the book, but still short enough that it’s not daunting for us to do. We also often include an explanation of why we started reading the book in the first place, as well as an overall rating, for which the unit of measurement is different for every book.

Let’s give it a go! – We resolve to try out new things and report back on how they went. Since giving the feature this name, “let’s give it a go!” has become our unofficial motto when contemplating whether we should try something out.

Check this out – We used to e-mail links to one another of things we see on the Internet.  Now, we post them to this blog!  More efficient for us, actually, and there’s the bonus of getting to share them with you.

She’s crafty – Beckie reports on her ever-ingenious craft projects.

Vernacular Spectacular – Jeremy compares the American and Australian way of saying something, and selects a winner (see this post for an explanation of the key criterion).

Oddities – Weird things that we post for whatever reason, with especial lack of clarity about whether anyone else would find them entertaining.

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