Wildcat hat and booties


Jeremy’s phrenology head is coming in very handy as a model for baby hats. This one has wildcat ears for a fellow Northwestern Wildcats fan. I wasn’t entirely happy with how the wildcat paw booties worked out, but they’re still pretty cute.


She’s crafty: Cabbage Patch Kid Wig/Hat


I’ve been wanting to make one of these hats ever since I first saw the pattern, but it took me a while to get around to it. Jeremy’s phrenology head is modelling for me since I didn’t have the adorable recipient around in person. The hat was fun to make, and I’ve mastered the loops and tricky pigtail placement, so if you want to turn a small person of your own acquaintance into a Cabbage Patch Kid, let me know.

Stripy Baby Vest

I haven’t done anything very crafty for a while, but I did just finish this vest for a friend’s baby (who is yet to be born! Usually, I don’t finish baby presents until the intended recipient is at least 6 months old. Let’s not go into whether this is the same baby I originally started the project for…).



Completing this project also means that my ravelry projects page is a nice grid of pictures, with no unfinished items taunting me with their empty boxes!

She’s crafty: Ashes outfits

My enjoyment of crafts and Jeremy’s love of Being Serious have resulted in some elaborate costumes for Halloween and various Northwestern sporting events. We are going to day 4 of the first Ashes test tomorrow, so we obviously needed some Australian superfan outfits.

I didn’t start working on them on Thursday as I’d planned because Australia played so dismally that we thought they might have lost before Sunday. Fortunately, England’s massive collapse yesterday means that we’re in a good position to see Australia win tomorrow, so today was craft day.

Actually, being Northwestern superfans hasn’t required much in the way of crafts, since there are two shops within walking distance that are dedicated to purple gear. It was surprisingly hard to find good green and gold stuff here, so I made some iron-on transfers for plain green t-shirts and painted some cheap sneakers (the second pair are in progress.

Stay tuned for the full outfits and match report.