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“If the 2000 NBA Draft is any indication, a single bad draft can barely put a dent in the league, let alone kill it. So that is why, year after year, I’m feeding the NBA the same draft class file. Nothing but short, talentless weaklings, for years. And years. And years, until they are all that’s left. This is how the NBA you love was destroyed.facepass



This link is old, but a links post really needs more than one link, and it’s never too late for baby meerkats.


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There are four full-time employees at BuzzFeed who only work on cute animal photos. But, how do you write a 5000-word piece on cute animal curation without mentioning Cute Overload?

In anticipation of our stay in Paris, here are some tips for French travellers in America that can be inverted to create tips for American travellers in France.

Here’s a different view of Sherlock Holmes.


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My favourite lolcat genre involves invisible props, so I enjoyed this compilation of cats who should be competing in the winter Olympics, despite their invisible equipment.

If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Divergent etc, catch up on all your dystopian YA reading in one post.

Another quality offering from The Toast: erotic NYT crossword fanfic (SFW).

Speaking of toast, apparently artisanal toast is the latest hipster craze. This article on the origins of the trend is surprisingly moving.

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If the first you heard of the doge meme was the story about how dogecoins helped get the Jamaican bobsled team to Sochi, here’s a handy guide on how to speak doge.


Also from The Toast, sad news for insomniacs.

The secret life of a closed captioner is surprisingly entertaining.

Is this video of a pack of wolves interrupting a traffic stop in Russia still fun when it’s really just a viral marketing effort? If only I hadn’t googled for the embeddable youtube version and had the illusion spoiled… You may as well skip to 0:43 or so if you still want to see it.