Tournament of Books catch up and predictions

Yesterday’s match up was The Good Lord Bird vs. The Tuner of Silences, neither of which I’ve read. The former, which is on my library holds list, won, so to avoid being spoiled, I didn’t read the judgement.

Today was the first competition for which I’d read both books. I gave The Signature of All Things 4 mosses and The Dinner 3 wine glasses, so my winner is obvious. Happily, the official judge agreed with me, so you can just read his judgement, instead of my explanation of why he’s wrong.

I’m posting this using the wifi in Singapore airport, on our way to start a Mediterranean cruise, so I probably won’t get a chance to read the tournament write ups until the semi-finals. Here are my picks for the rounds I’ll miss:

The Lowland v. Eleanor & Park: Eleanor & Park

The Son v. At Night We Walk in Circles: The Son (I’m haven’t read The Son, but I’m in the middle of At Night We Walk in Circles as an audiobook, and it’s not that interesting)

The Goldfinch v. Long Division: The Goldfinch

Life After Life v. The People in the Trees: Life After Life

Hill William v. A Tale for the Time Being: A Tale for the Time Being

The Good Lord Bird v. The Signature of All Things: The Signature of All Things

(possibly) Eleanor & Park v. The Son: Eleanor & Park

(possibly) The Goldfinch v. Life After Life: Life After Life (The first tough one! I would pick Life After Life, because The Goldfinch’s ending was flawed enough to rule it out.)


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