Jeremy reads The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler

Why did you read this book? We were looking for something to read during a long-car trip. We liked his novel Adverbs, and crime/thriller books work well while driving. This is the same guy who writes the Lemony Snicket books, but I haven’t read any of those.

Has Beckie read it? She read it to me while I drove! You wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes for passing the time. Since we weren’t done when we got back, she kept reading it to me while walking around to yoga and restaurants for the next couple days, and then finally a marathon session in the apartment to the end.

42 word review: Knocks off The Secret History, only with artsy high-schoolers instead of classics-obsessed undergrads. Reader knows from beginning that protagonist murders friend, but why? how? Absolutely hilarious given that a homicide looms. Great voice of girl protagonist. Downside: big twist tipped too early.

Rating: 4 potoroos (out of 5). Plus a bonus potoroo for what a fun read it was on a trip.

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