Beckie listens to Heft by Liz Moore

Why did you read this book? The audiobook was available from the library when I needed something to listen to while jogging, and I thought I remembered hearing something good about it. I need the distraction of a narrative to keep me from thinking about how little I enjoy jogging, but I try to avoid books I’m expecting to really like because it’s hard to appreciate them.

Has Jeremy read it? No, and I can’t imagine he will, especially after reading my review.

42 word review: Lots of lonely people (an alcoholic, her son, her obese shut-in penpal), trying to make/repair connections to others. The characters were well drawn, but it took a long time for them to get to where it was obvious they were going.

Rating: 3 glasses of milk (out of 5). I don’t find audiobooks to be the best format for appreciating quality writing, even when I’m not jogging, so I always feel like I’m being unfairly harsh.