Beckie Reads The Good Lord Bird by James McBride

Why did you read this book? I put a hold on this at the library because it was in the Tournament of Books, and it ended up winning.

Has Jeremy read it? No.

42-word review: The adventures of abolitionist John Brown, narrated by a cross-dressing young ex-slave. The final raid was exciting, but it was slow going to get there. Its comic tone wasn’t actually amusing, and the juxtaposition with the serious story didn’t work for me.

Overall rating:  3 good-luck charms (out of 5)


bad husband! bad!

I know, I start this blog with Beckie and then I don’t blog. I had a weird thing a few weeks ago where I meant to write a chirpy post over here about how I was going to be blogging more, but I messed up the WordPress account, and accidentally posted over on my sociology blog, where I hadn’t posted in over a year and thought I was done. But, for whatever reason, this caused me to actually start blogging over there, and I’ve been on a kick of trying to work myself out of occupational exile.

So I have been blogging but not here. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it going forward, but: I do love Beckie’s photos, so I hope they keep coming up. And we should still be able to find time for the 42-word book reviews!

Check this out

“If the 2000 NBA Draft is any indication, a single bad draft can barely put a dent in the league, let alone kill it. So that is why, year after year, I’m feeding the NBA the same draft class file. Nothing but short, talentless weaklings, for years. And years. And years, until they are all that’s left. This is how the NBA you love was destroyed.facepass



This link is old, but a links post really needs more than one link, and it’s never too late for baby meerkats.