Jeremy reads The Legend of Pradeep Mathew by Shehan Karunatilaka

Why did you read this book? We bought this book back in the US, ages ago. Cannot remember why, except that it was one of those books that we bought on quasi-impulse while wandering around Barnes & Noble. (A question we regularly speculate about is whether the Evanston Barnes & Noble will still be there when we get back to the US.)

The reason I picked it from various other unread books on the iPad is that it’s about cricket, which has been a recent micro-obsession of mine.

Has Beckie read it? Yes, but awhile ago, before we started doing 42 word reviews.

42-word review: The cricket got me through, and curiosity of reading novel about Sri Lanka. Has deliberately rambling structure–even though many of the ramblings are entertaining or cricket-informative, wore me down after awhile. So too long, but skimmable and satisfying ending.

Overall rating: 3 wickets (out of 5)

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