FTL standings, visualized



I wrote some Stata code to visualize the current standings of the Fantasy Tennis League.  Rob was so moved by it that I will include his response below.  Rob!  Had I known you’d be so touched, I would have tried to work up something in R or Python.  But I did re-do it so that instead of people having assigned colors, their place is used to put them on the appropriate point of a rainbow.  The Tour de France has its maillot jaune; Fantasy Tennis League can have its rayure rouge.

Rob’s reply:

I am in tears right now.  I just wish Amy was by my side to share this moment with me.

A mere thanks will not do.  A triple haiku is in store for you!

behold what springs forth
in service of FTL
a winter surprise

together we strive
points will ascend in chorus
tonight we are one

ignore pot of gold
brilliant rainbow of data
are you roy g. biv?

2 thoughts on “FTL standings, visualized

  1. Even more brilliant. I love it! I had to look up the Tour de France reference, but now I get it. The FTL leader is always in red on the visualizer. Perhaps I should make a red FTL headband that gets passed around from one FTL leader to the next (but it must be worn at all times!).

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