Let’s give it a go!: Fear Factory haunted house

Why? It was a rainy afternoon in Queenstown, and apparently the canyon swing wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for one day.

How did it go? It was much creepier and less cheesy than we were expecting. I don’t want to describe it in detail, because that would spoil it, but it was disorienting and interactive. We had to find our own way through the house in the dark while ghosts could be anywhere around us. They were listening to us and responding, too.

We had a nice chat with the owner at the end, and it was interesting to hear how she and her family decided to set up a haunted house. They’d only been open for about six months.

Would you do it again? I’d certainly try this kind of haunted house again. Even this one wouldn’t be the same a second time, so it would probably still be fun.

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