Let’s give it a go!: Hair dyeing [Jeremy only]

[I tried a take a photo for this, but it’s surprisingly difficult to take a selfie of the side of your head that does not look creepy (or maybe it’s just me)]

Why? Because I’m going bald, and I’m going gray around the sides. One or the other I can handle, but the pair is just too much. I don’t even feel all the way grown-up yet, much less old. I can’t do anything about my receding hairline or my epic forehead, but I can do something about the gray.*

How’d it go? I started doing “color camo” my last few haircuts in Evanston, but this now was just a full-on dye-job. She left it on too long, and so it’s darker than my natural color. I wasn’t sure about the color at first, but I’m finding that I like it.

Will you do it again? Yes. Maybe I’ll try all-the-way goth black sometime.

* Since the early days of my receding hairline, I have been asked: “Why don’t you just shave your head? It looks great on so-and-so.” Alas, I do not have the head shape of Jean-Luc Picard. My forehead spans acres, which means there are no good answers for me upstairs. I’ve been losing hair since high school, so I’ve had a long time to make my peace with this.

3 thoughts on “Let’s give it a go!: Hair dyeing [Jeremy only]

  1. ya, this entry is particularly relevant to me. my strategy has been the short haircut, but the results have been underwhelming. my only experience with hair coloring was in grad school when i bleached. a few months later, i netted a life partner.

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