Vernacular Spectacular #19: “cantaloupe” vs. “rockmelon”

Beckie had me buy one of these on New Years’ Eve. This is our first V.S. matchup since The Clarification. If this fruit was called the same thing everywhere: what name would I choose?

I grew up calling this a “muskmelon,” but that’s a American ruralism, like saying “pop” instead of “soda.” “Cantaloupe” is what anybody who isn’t a hick says, so it’s the official candidate.

I think as ___melon goes, rockmelon actually has a really nice ring to it, but my enjoyment of it is hindered by me thinking “But wait, ‘muskmelon’ had a nice ring to it, too, and that’s not even on the table.” Cantaloupe is a nicely peculiar word, which sounds like it should be an animal instead of a fruit.

Jeremy’s winner: muskmelon cantaloupe

2 thoughts on “Vernacular Spectacular #19: “cantaloupe” vs. “rockmelon”

  1. I know. I was going to wait until it got to some running tally and then try to figure out what the score is. Beckie will often comment with her own verdicts, so we have that score as well.

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