Jeremy listens to Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

Why did you read this book? We bought it for Beckie to read aloud while I drove us around New Zealand. We had such success on the last car trip with The Basic Eight. I think this came up on Amazon as recommended for people who liked that book. (But, the whole thing with the Basic Eight is that it was often funny. While the protagonist Vera Dietz is witty, the tone of the book is more melancholic throughout.

Has Beckie read it? Yes. Maybe I should be skipping this question for Beckie-Read-Alouds.

42 word review: High-school girl (literally) haunted by guy who was best friend, turned mean, then died. Best parts: protagonist’s voice, relationship with ex-alcoholic-now-workaholic father. Plot sometimes relies on characters’ actions that make little sense; doesn’t quite come together at end.

Overall rating: 3 zippo-lighters (out of 5)

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