Vernacular Spectacular #11: “debit” vs. “EFTPOS”

What an ugly acronym, EFTPOS. I think it stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. (This is correct: although I dislike the acronym so much that it took me a few moments just now to muster to type it into Google to confirm.)

Or something, I can’t even bring myself to care enough to Google it.

“Credit or debit?” is a cute little close-of-transaction phrase. “Debit” sounds like it should be a diminutive form of “debt,” which is charming although I guess also incorrect since the point is exactly that you are using your own money to make the purchase rather than somebody else’s.

Jeremy’s winner: debit (free and clear)

1 thought on “Vernacular Spectacular #11: “debit” vs. “EFTPOS”

  1. These aren’t exactly counterparts. EFTPOS covers both credit and debit, so I guess the equivalent would be something like card, and the close-of-transaction question here is “cheque, savings or credit?” Either way, the American term wins.

    Beckie’s winner:</strong debit

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