Jeremy listens to Hell & Gone by Duane Swierczynski

Why did you read it? It was late. I was bored in a hotel room and we had just finished the first novel. And the first novel included the first chapter of this second book at the end. This chapter was reasonably well-done—remarkably, the novel basically abandons it entirely and goes in a completely different direction, with just a token tie-back at the end.

Has Beckie read it? She has more pride than that. Plus by this point I have recounted the preposterousness of the plot in some detail.

42 word review: Presumably written more quickly than this review, if not dictated. Mostly takes place in completely ludicrous super-prison that knocks off Zimbardo experiment. Anybody who did like first book of trilogy could skip this entirely with minimal continuity loss. Silly, stupid, incoherent.

Overall rating: 1 bad decision (out of 5)

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