Let’s give it a go!: rock concert for the deaf

photo (5)

(Pressing the balloons against our faces was probably the best part.)

So, this was a fundraiser for Deaf Australia called 4senses.  As from their own description: 4Senses is a multi-sensory live gig, which uses sight and touch to make music accessible to everyone, including people who are deaf and hard of hearing. This is only 3 senses, but there was also a bar.

How’d it go? So they had a band playing, and a very active guy up front signing the lyrics. The lyrics were also projected with all these fun colored videos on three walls. There were also subwoofers to sit on, and (as in the photo) balloons to press against your face.

The band we stayed for was good, but it was also sorta like standing around in a gym. The big problem, honestly, was that the crowd just didn’t seem very into it. Sure, people would wave their hand in the air to express approval when the song was over, but mostly folks were just standing around and chatting, whether by voice or by signing. Maybe it got more lively as the night went on, but I left with the feeling that, for a rock concert, the patrons of Deaf Australia were a pleasant but tough crowd.

Would you do it again? Glad to have gone, but probably a one-and-done experience.

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