Vernacular Spectacular #3: “tater tot” vs. “potato gem”

No suspense here. “tater” is a more fun, and quintessentially American, way of referring to a potato than just saying “potato.” And “tot” conveys that what we have here is a rootin’-tootin’ little offspring of a tater. “Gem” gets at the same thing, I suppose, but less obviously. Plus, since we’re talking about a fried-food, any name that sounds like it should be said with a drawl gets a bonus point.

Jeremy’s winner: tater tot

1 thought on “Vernacular Spectacular #3: “tater tot” vs. “potato gem”

  1. I put off deciding on this one, because “potato gem” has a special place in my heart. It’s like someone went prospecting and dug up these delicious little nuggets of potato. Still, “tater tot” is alliterative, and “tater” is a great word.

    Beckie’s winner: potato gem (but only because I don’t want to think about eating cute little tater babies)

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