Bingo Lingo

We have been playing Bingo at this bar on Mondays. Two rounds a night. I won 3 times the first two nights we played (well, technically twice, since one was a tie and I refused to do a dance-off since I clearly said Bingo first).

The guy who calls the numbers says a phrase for each number, and it’s usually the same phrase each time. Our favorite: “22… two little ducks… 22”. The most unsettling is probably “58… masturbate… 58.” (Among other things, we do not know why it is always 58 and never 48 or 68.)

Notably, the guy uses various American references for his numbers. To wit:

21 gets a shout out to the legal drinking age in the US. (It’s 18 here.)
23 gets a shout out for Michael Jordan
51 gets a shout out for Area 51
54 gets a shout out for Studio 54
87 gets a shout out for how the police code for killing someone (everywhere in the US? just LA?) is 187.

There may be more. Meanwhile, there are zero Australian cultural references an American wouldn’t understand.

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